How to Get Videos on Your iPod

Your series of DVDs, domestic films, and Mac-recorded TV indicates is also perfect fodder. With the right software program, you could quick convert those movies into iPod-well suited documents and take them with you to your morning go back and forth or your next holiday.

Although music is still the number one awareness of iTunes ssstiktok¬†Music Store, it’s not the simplest issue you may find there. In addition to providing audiobooks and podcasts (each audio and video), iTunes additionally gives you get entry to to animated shorts, music films, and more. If you’ve got a video-succesful iPod, you could even take your video on the street catching up with the modern-day episode of your favorite TV display at the same time as at the fitness center, or learning new image-modifying hints while on the bus to paintings.

But the addition of video brings new demanding situations. For example, you can’t just drag home films onto your video iPod and assume them to play. You must first convert them into the right format. And the movies you download from the iTunes Music Store include their very own limitations. Here’s what you need to know to down load, organise, convert, and play video documents in iTunes and on your iPod.

Finding Videos

To pursue what is available on iTunes, visit the Music Store and pick out ‘Music Video’, ‘Movie Trailers’, or ‘Pixar’ from the Inside The Music Store column. Video downloads will set you lower back ¬£1.89 GBP, despite the fact that while TV indicates grow to be available you’ll be capable to buy a Multi Pass that allows you to shop for complete seasons at a reduction.

You also can discover free videos on the iTunes Music Store, within the shape of video podcasts. To get admission to them, click on the ‘Podcasts’ item on the Music Store domestic page, after which click at the ‘Video Podcasts’ button inside the centre of the Podcasts page.

As with audio podcasts, you can upload video podcasts to your library truely by means of clicking at the ‘Subscribe’ button. If you need to down load simply one episode of a podcast, click at the podcast’s name after which click on on the ‘Get Episode’ button subsequent to the item you are interested by.

Managing video purchases

Downloaded films will seem alongside your tune tracks and podcasts within the iTunes library. You can distinguish them from other documents with the help of the small grey video icon that looks after the identify. To see all your videos in one vicinity, click on at the ‘Videos’ object inside the ‘Source’ listing.

The downside of video

Video download instances are not specifically speedy and you will need a broadband connection to get the content material. Then you can assume to spend about three mins downloading a 4-minute song video. Downloading a one-hour TV show (about 44 mins without advertisements) ought to take as long as forty minutes, depending for your hardware.

Video documents also take in quite a few force space than music documents. If your Mac’s tough drive is tight on area, you would possibly need to bear in mind moving your iTunes library to an external tough pressure.

Rip your DVDs

Because of the manner they’re encoded and encrypted, DVDs require a touch work to rip, however the proper software makes it a painless process. Before you begin, decide whether or not you’ll mainly be viewing the transformed files for your iPod or every now and then connecting the iPod to a television and looking them on a bigger screen. Your decision will decide which software program and settings you need to apply for the conversion technique.

If your goal is surely to rip DVD content so that you can watch it in your iPod, the most effective manner is with Tyler Loch’s loose HandBrake Lite 1.1 (http://handbrake.M0k.Org/).

1. To rip a DVD, pop the disc into your DVD pressure and release HandBrake Lite. Click at the ‘Open’ button, and HandBrake will scan the disc for the needed video statistics. If you see the message “no legitimate title observed”, HandBrake cannot read the disc; every so often this takes place with latest DVDs that have unique replica safety. In this case, you may want to down load and run MacTheRipper, that’s extra adept at bypassing DVD copy protection (its internet site tends to move around, so check Version Tracker if you need it). Once you have used Mac DVD Folder/Image, and then navigate to the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder of the disc you’ve extracted.

2. Once it has scanned the disc, HandBrake Lite provides you with a listing of ‘Titles’: discreet factors such as a movie, a TV show episode, a bonus interview, a making-of documentary and so forth. Pick the title you need to transform. If it’s a movie, it’ll be the name with the longest period. If you’re ripping a DVD of a TV show, you will observe numerous titles of comparable period. To parent out which episode is which, test the DVD case for the order.